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Virtual FD: The changing face of modern accountancy

Virtual FD: The changing face of modern accountancy


There are a wealth of reasons why you choose to work for yourself. Mainly it's about having the freedom to be your own boss, to make plans and decisions to create the life you want and hope to have. What can happen, sadly, is that the desire to be your own boss ends up a thankless round of admin and finance-related tasks that soon become chores. I'm sure this was not what you had in mind when you made the leap from employee to self-employed.

You're not the first or last business owner to wish for a quick, easy, and cheap solution to this dilemma. There are lots of financial experts out there who can get you back on track, but you'll pay a premium for a one-off quick fix that doesn't offer long term solutions. What happens when the payroll hits a snag or the cash flow dries up, or the VAT returns get the better of you?

The solution is a simple one: hire a financial director. Yes, an FD is the answer. Ah, but you don't fancy hiring a senior executive with a six-figure salary. I don't blame you! Still, it doesn't mean you can't have one on board at a fraction of the cost – if you go virtual.

I could be the newest member of your team, a constant presence working with and for you and creating breathing space to allow you to concentrate on what you're good at – growing your business and increasing your profits. And because I'm across all aspects of your business throughout the year, just like a fully salaried financial director, it means come January your year-end accountancy fee is drastically reduced.

There's more to us finance directors' skills base than financial planning. As your virtual FD, I can monitor your business cash flow, plan for your future, offer you management accounting - basically offer you the dedicated advice and service you would get from a Director of Finance if you were paying full-time for one. Imagine, an on-hand expert at cash flow tracking, with razor-sharp analytical skills that identify and enhance your strengths and to seek out weaknesses and rectify them. I will review, monitor, and act on your behalf, overseeing your business whether you're starting up or thinking of expanding but want to be sure it's the right decision at the right time.

A virtual FD like me possesses the full complement of financial skills from helping you measure your progress, creating a timeline for success, and mapping it out for you while managing the debts and the pitfalls to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises. I believe this to be the most strategic way in which to meet business challenges head on. Applying a multi-faceted strategy that involves helping you to raise capital, solve cash flow problems, assess your organisation, including its structure, and suggesting and implementing effective change to help you succeed and grow.

As your virtual FD, I'll create the space and security for you to nurture new business, to expand, and to review your options before making critical decisions. There will be opportunities and choices to be made, let me help you to be ready for them.

If you want more from your accountancy firm other than the person who keeps your books and who you turn to once a year because your returns need filing, then this is your future. Having me as your virtual FD is like having a shoulder to lean on, a friendly ear enhancing the health of your business and your emotional wellbeing and I don't need to be sat next to you (or paid a six-figure salary) to deliver for you. This is how to find and secure the firmest of foundations for your business and its future. If you're at a crossroads or you're ready for the next phase in your company's development, don't leap into the unknown when a virtual FD has the wings to help you fly.

Check out our three Virtual FD package here, or download our brochure with prices and more info here.

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