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Covid-19: The end of your business or a new way to succeed?

Covid-19: The end of your business or a new way to succeed?


You've set up your business. You're doing well. You're expanding, and you have a small but growing number of employees and subcontractors. You're building an excellent reputation. You're coping with the sometimes erratic swings and roundabouts of business. It can be a hair-raising time, but you're in control, responsible for your business and staff. Life is good.

Then along comes a deadly virus, causing turmoil and upheaval and transforming how you function in every aspect of your life and how you run your business. Are you close to calling it a day and shutting up shop, or are you still in business but worried by what the future holds? You could do with someone who knows how new government rules and schemes can work to your advantage and help you survive and thrive. Believe me - it is entirely possible to see this as a time to take stock, regroup and rebuild for the future.

If you want to get on, get an accountant

What I know is that none of us wants just to exist; to get by with our heads barely above water. And while there are lots of curveballs coming our way, we're beginning to see something of a pattern. It's showing us that surges and spikes will create fickle and unreliable business trends, and while it's a time of great unpredictability, it doesn't have to be one without hope and potential.

My advice is simple and effective: if you want to get on, get an accountant and if you already use us, then make the most of our extensive skills and experience. We're more than the annual go-to person who helps you file your return. Modern business requires modern thinking and utilising all the tools at your disposal. Your accountant is one of them because we have learned to adapt, and we have the expertise to help you do the same. Let's face it, Covid is with us for the foreseeable, and we're calling on all our reserves to get our clients and us through and keep us all watertight. But what if you've nothing left in the emotional, physical, and financial tanks? I'm going to suggest you don't give up. I'm going to suggest finding a new way of living and working and doing business. You need as much support as possible to realise this because, believe it or not, the pandemic also offers up new ways to succeed, not just to get by.

Accountants shouldn't be a necessary evil, even though we're often seen as a costly expense that puts a dent in profits. There's more to us than finding ways to sort your expenses and filing your end of year accounts. If you lack the time or the wherewithal to clock up the hours needed to wade through government information, use your accountant. Covid has opened many people's eyes to just how crucial we are to their businesses' futures.

We can help you in every aspect of your business. From sourcing government schemes designed to help you, and making applications on your behalf, to identifying lenders, tax and loan breaks and emergency financial programmes, many of which you may not know that you're qualified to claim for. It can be time-consuming wading through the minutiae of information to find this out, and we all know that if not correctly filled in and presented, it can be turned down. We can do it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost - and guarantee that it's done properly.

Covid threatens our lives and our livelihoods. It's an emotionally fraught time when you want a human approach to your business needs. There's no reason for you to worry about paying your staff or your suppliers, of living hand to mouth, or not paying yourself a wage. Cash flow is essential if you and your business are to survive and thrive, and short term quick fixes won't last. I'm interested in the emotional security that comes with having a daily, weekly, and monthly vision - and beyond - that allows you access to the bigger picture - one that isn't daunting and full of financial pitfalls. Having an engaged, involved team overseeing your financial planning creates ongoing support, hope and success.

The ripple effect of responsibility is enormous, and you shouldn't carry that burden alone. Don't lie awake at night worrying. Get a good night's sleep, be fresh and ready for the new day. We can keep you in business with a turnover, able to pay your team and your suppliers and your bills. We can help you negotiate with banks and lenders and clients. When you think about it, when used correctly and fully, an accountant can be your very own essential worker.

If your accountant has been M.I.A. during the pandemic, it's time to switch to Evolve. Get in touch today.

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